Sobre O Gordon


Gord Bagshaw
Gordon Bagshaw, Private English Teacher

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Graduated with honours, in Creative Arts with a focus in film production and animation at John Abbott College (Montreal) in 1991. I went onto theological studies at McGill University (Montreal). From 1998 – 2008, served in the vocation of youth pastor in the Anglican Church of Canada.

In 2002, I acquired the *TESOL certification at the International College of Applied Linguistics (Ottawa, Ontario).

I also enjoy cartooning. I’ve created a cartoon strip about my lovable dog, Frodo.

Check it out and follow the fun at Frodo the Sheltie.

2 thoughts on “Sobre O Gordon

  1. Hello Gordon,

    My name is Michael and I need to study english, Rosimeire Di MArtino said to me you

    I live in Osasco too, and I’d like to know about your classes.

    How much, how many hours per week


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