Is GB EnglishClass a school?

GB English Class is a name I developed to represent my service.  GB English Class is not an institution, but it is an educational opportunity provided by me.

Do you hire teachers?

I get many applications from quality teachers from all over the world who are looking for teaching positions.  This is a wonderful thing worth celebrating, because these teachers are expressing a desire to teach in Brazil. However, because GB EnglishClass is not an institution, there are no job opportunities. Please see  “Do you have any recommendations for ESL & TESOL job searching & training?” for suggestions?

Do you train teachers?

Once again, I have had to turn away quite a few people requesting training for teachers, because it is a service which I do not presently provide. However, please see  “Do you have any recommendations for ESL & TESOL job searching & training?” for suggestions?

Do you have any recommendations for ESL/TESOL job searching and training?

Yes, I do. Here are some helpful sites you can go to in order to find hiring institutions in Brazil and training opportunities for teachers.

For job searching

Dave’s ESL Café: http://www.eslcafe.com/

BRAZ-TESOL: http://www.braztesol.org.br/site/view.asp

ESL Base (Brazil): http://www.eslbase.com/schools/brazil

For teacher training

Summit: http://www.summitschool.com.br/


Where do you teach ‘in person’ classes?

I teach ‘in person’ classes in Osasco, SP, Brasil. The map on my contact page is an indication of the proximity of my location.  Details are disclosed after settling class arrangements.

Do you go to students’ home?

No, I do not travel to my students’ home.  If commuting to my home is difficult, I highly recommend the Skype option, which has proven quite successful for many of my students.


Do you prepare estimations for specific short term classes?

Yes, I do. All you need to do is visit my availability page, email me about the days of the week and hours you wish to book and provide a short description of the specific English language goal you have in the comment selection.  I would email back whether or not it’s possible to proceed and what the rate would be.


What are your methods?

The method is tailored to the needs of the student, focusing on language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and personal goals the student desires to accomplish. There are many course books to choose from. I recommend the Total English Series by Pearson/Longman and also, “English Grammar in Use,” by Raymond Murphy.  All applicants for my classes are required to take my placement test so I can better determine his/her level and discern the proper course of action before any material is purchased.

Do you provide books?

After the appropriate method is agreed upon between the student(s) and me, it becomes the responsibility of the student to acquire the books.

How many can be in a group class?

The maximum number I allot in a group is 6 people on Skype or in person.

How are groups formed?

Groups are formed solely by the student(s), who wishes to study with family members, friends or co-workers.  Gord does not create groups on behalf of students.  Go to the group page to learn how to form a group.


Do you have freebies?

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Well I’m happy to say that I offer some free services for everybody who visits my website.

1) Follow me on twitter, where I share phrasal verbs, English proverbs and idioms with explanations and examples all in 140 characters. Don’t have a free twitter account? No problem, visit my website home page and you can see the latest tweets.

2) Participate in the Voxopop talkgroup called GB EnglishClass “Let’s Talk Openly!” This free talkgroup is an open forum to anyone around the world who has questions about the English language.  Checkout this unique forum and speak your mind.

3) My current and former students are granted access to the free private voxopop talkgroup called GB English Class “Let’s Talk!” where people get to practice expressing themselves through storytelling, poetry, and topical discussions, with guidance, coaching and pronunciation correction provided by me.

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