Get Started!

So, you have seen the type of classes I offer and their unique advantages. 
Now you’re asking yourself, “How do I get started?”

Step 1: Determine the right class for you.

What advantages from the types of classes made the most sense for your learning needs? Questions to consider: Do you work better in person or is Skype an interesting option?   If you think that a group class would work best for you, who do you know that might be interested in forming a group with you?  Remember that you can invite up to 5 other people into a group class.Once you have determined the type of class for you, go to step 2.

Step 2: Explore the drop down column of the Get Started section.

Rates/Availability/Placement Test/Class Registration 

Step 3: The rates page

Choose the rate that makes the most sense for you.Question to consider: How much time and money are you going to commit to learn EnglishOnce you have determined your commitment, go to step 4 to match our availability. 

Step 4: The availability page 

After considering the number of days and length of classes you chose from the rates page, match your desired time(s) you have available with my availability schedule. I make every effort to keep this page updated daily so the availability you see is current. Once you have matched our availability go to Step 5 

Step 5: The placement test page: 

This, personally designed, free placement test is a requirement for all people who are interested in having class with Gord Bagshaw.  Why does Gordon require this? It helps him learn about your current level and better serve you as a teacher. NOTE: You will need a Google Account.

Step 6: The Class Registration page 

You will need to fill out the class registration with the appropriate choices you have gathered through steps 1-5. NOTE: don’t forget to press submit on the registration page. Afterwards, Gordon will email you, to confirm details.

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